If the idea of the future timber house only arose in your mind, we propose to take into account some of the nuances.

The two-storey house is much more economical than the single-storey house.  The foundation and the roof of the single-storey house and the two-storey house will be of the same size and the useful area of the two-storey house will be double.  Also it is enough to raise the attic floor from 1 metre to 1.5 metre and you will be able to use all space of the second floor.

It is not necessary to make all partitions of the house from timbers. It is better to use other materials for partitions because it is necessary to isolate bathrooms, the kitchen, the sauna and other rooms where humidity will be present. You will save money and space. However, the load-bearing partitions are necessary for installation of the ceiling and the stability of the house construction.

The square house is more economical than the elongated house which consists of several parts. During building of the timber house, it would be better, that the timbers would be connected using 90 degrees angle.  Planning the walls of the house, you should remember that the length of one timber should not exceed 6 meters.  Do not plan walls such as: 6.3 m because in such a case the butt-joint would be needed. The price increases and the heat insulation is worse depending on the number of the butt-joints. There are no such limitations when the panel house is designed.

During planning of the house, you should consider the layout of your site.

These are tips, which will help you during creation of the vision of your house.

You can find the ideas in our gallery and the columns of the projects of the houses.

You can start to draw the drawing.