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Ecological building materials.

DINIE is 112,00 m2 glued logs residential garret house.
The house milled timbers are rectangular, 200 mm thick.
Clay tiled roof is insulated with natural and organic thermal insulation materials.
The house has wooden windows with advanced selective triple-pane glass package.

The plan of DINIE house
Ground floor   Garret floor
Hall 6,56 m2   Hall 4,74 m2
Kitchen 16,33 m2   4 bedrooms 7,86 - 8,86 m2
Living room 28,92 m2   Bathroom 5,30 m2
Room 9,45 m2      
Utility room 6,13 m2      
WC 1,13 m2      
Total 68,52 m2   Total 43,48 m2


Your dreams together with our experience, and ecological building material – wood – form a perfect combination for an individual, modern and intelligent building. Let our diversity inspire you!